Buying a house is likely to be the biggest investment you will ever make so it is important that things run smoothly

What happens?

When you have decided on the house you want to buy and your verbal offer has been accepted, this is the time to talk to us.

We will contact the seller's solicitor to obtain the contract papers, liaise with them and sort out any queries that may arise.

We will raise a number of enquiries on the property: The seller will provide us with a list of the items included in the sale and the contract which will be checked with you.

We will liaise with your lender. We will check your title and look to arrange completion as soon as possible.

Completion date

When contracts are exchanged, the completion date is also agreed. This is the day when the balance of the purchase money is paid and the house becomes yours.


All the necessary searches will be carried out, including Local Authority searches and local planning checks relating to the property.


As part of your mortgage application a valuation survey will be carried out. Because the information obtained from this is limited and as the sellers are not obliged to point out any defects, we recommend that a more detailed survey of the property is undertaken.  If required, the BBH team will appoint a surveyor to do this, review the report you receive and advise you on what action needs to be taken.

Exchange contracts

Both you and the seller will have been sent copies of the contract. Once these have been signed, contracts will be exchanged with the seller’s solicitor for the house you are buying and we will pay over your 10% deposit.


If you are selling one house and buying another we can usually use the sale deposit from one house for the purchase deposit on the other. Obviously, if you are trading up you may need to provide more money.